Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Angelina Jolie Giving Voice to Rape Victims

Angelina Jolie has teamed up with the British Foreign Secretary to raise awareness and help bring to an end the indiscriminate use of rape as a weapon of war in Congo.
This of course is not new for The Jolie who has tirelessly campaigned for the last 12 years to help give voice to to the voiceless, shine light at the inhumane and inhumanity perpetrated against the refugees who most government wish their existence remain in the dark.

Above is Jolie and Foreign Secretary Hague talking to Channel 4's Cathy Newman about what they hope to achieve.

How can you not love a woman who has dedicated most of her grown up years in service to humanity. Her directorial debut was about the Bosnian war and the thousands of women who were raped in the camp and that movie sparked the interest of the British Government to launch this initiative. If only our Country did not pay only lip service to human rights and if only so called feminist blogs only cared about fellow women who are constantly brutalized and dehumanized and less about who was dumped by whom, maybe, just maybe, we can all shame our government to do more.

Almost 20 years after Hillary Clinton gave her famous "Human Rights is Women Rights and Women's right is human right" in Beijing,sadly not much has changed. Will it ever change in my lifetime? I hope so. My hat off to Ms Jolie, I will be cheering you on. It is to your credit that for the first time, the G8 will have rape as a topic in their meeting next month in London.

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