Wednesday, November 19, 2008


"What Angelina said was uncool" so said the uncoolest chick in Hollywood about the coolest woman. The name Jennifer Anniston must be synonymous with PATHETIC. How else can you explain this woman's inability to move on from a divorce almost four years later.

Vanity Fair launched the pity party four years ago, and we heard how Brad Pitt is missing a sensitivity chip, fast forward four years and she is singing a different tune, the divorce was amicable, she is proud of all Brad's achievement but Angelina gets her blood boiling, so if the divorce was amicable and Brad did not cheat on you, why the pity party? and why hate on Angelina?

Jennifer could it be because that the beautiful and talented Angelina reminds you every day what a pathetic human being you are. You gave up your marriage for movie stardom which to this day has eluded you, and yet Ms Jolie is able to juggle six children, have a red hot movie career and seem to make Brad happy. Could it be that bad ass Jolie, who can fly a plane, go into war torn Iraq while pregnant with twins while you can only go to Mexico makes you feel inadequate? The Jolie have world leaders on speed dial and you have Huvane and tabloid editors.

It must hurt to see that Brad upgraded, now instead of being stifled, he is creatively the best he has been, instead of just barbecuing with the Arquets and going to Mexico every vacation , he now vacations in Paul Allen's villa in south of France and now hangs out with the Deniro's and Eastwood's, you know like Hollywood royalty. If you are proud of Brad then you must thank Angelina for making him the man you can be proud of, but we don't expect that from you Jennifer because you are the most contrived, passive aggressive, bitter conniving hag in Hollywood. You know that your days are numbered and the only way you can stay relevant is by attaching your name to the Goddess, Angelina Jolie. That will get you on tabloid covers and tabloid shows but whatever happened to that movie stardom that you sacrificed your marriage for? Oh, yes, you are hoping your dog movie will get your career out of the doldrums so you can be more than the former wife of Brad Pitt who was infamously dumped by John Mayer in front of the paparazzi, I will be pissed at Angelina Jolie too, how dare she be that gorgeous and that talented and have Brad Pitt to herself and still be such a good mother, except that we here at Gossip-daily adore Ms Jolie and think she is a fresh breath in the pr manufactured personalities in hollywood, she has managed to forge her own path, and we here SALUTE Angelina Jolie- Team UNCOOL all the way.


TJ said...

Excellent post!!! ITA..I wish more people will call this talentless, aging, lying coward OUT more often. If people can't see, all she is doing is riding on the caotails of JP's for her doggy movie and to stay in the lime light...then they are bunch of fools.

Helen said...

Great post...I wish more bloggers and more people would notice this too. Jennifer Aniston is not the Rachael Green girl next door that people think she is. After what she did to Brad on his 40th Bday, I am so glad he dumped her whiny ass.

Angie said...

You are LOON. Simply put. Unless you are gay. I wish upon you that your significant other cheats on you and humiliates you in front of all your friends and for a much younger prototype too. All that and more of what Jennifer Aniston went through, I wish on you. And then come back and spew forth your vitriol .

Helen said...

Jennifer deserved to be dumped...Angelina is filet Mignon and Aniston is ground beef....LOL

Anonymous said...

For once, a blogger not on Huvane's payroll. I cannot stand MANiston....You know, she had sex with Brad Pitt on their first date!