Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Jennifer Anniston will go to her grave a bitter and deranged woman, how else can you explain this woman's inability to move on from a divorce that will be four years next month, this woman has whined about her divorce almost as long as the damn marriage lasted.

I have always thought that Jennifer was a cold, conniving, manipulative fake bitch clothed in the girl next door image by her PR people. Either the pity party backfired so badly and had her stuck as the pitiful, pathetic ex wife who is unlucky in love that she is now trying to reinvent herself by attacking Angelina Jolie every opportunity she gets while praising the ex husband that dumped her for the ever luscious Jolie, or she has lost her mind.

Her latest attempt at a lame joke about the Jolie-Pitt's children is beyond the pale, how interesting that she has admitted reading Angelina's interviews but now she even knows her children's name and she is not even ashamed to admit that? I hope Brad and Angelina have serious security around her their children.

Oh, and Jennifer claims she did not know what was going on, REALLY, Jennifer, did your best friend Courtney not say that Brad was honest with you about the falling in love with Angelina but fighting those emotions. Well, yo u tried dissing Angelina by saying considering the source of the information, well, Brad just told Rolling Stone magazine that Mr and Mrs Smith is his favorite movie of Angelina's, because that was where he fell in love with Ms Jolie- now consider that source and how uncool was Brad.

By the way Jennifer, Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt called and he wants his style back.

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